Don’t Make Local Marketing Mistakes as a Dental Professional

A common misconception about being in the health and wellness business is that you won’t have to do any concrete advertising. The most common mentality goes along the lines of “people have to have health care so of course they’ll need my services”, but often times these business owners and professionals forget one of the key components of owning and operating a storefront of any kind: competition.

As a dentist, it’s true that there will be a need for the services you provide. Teeth cleanings and dental work is sometimes mandatory for those on government insurances, so you have a definite customer base with a paycheck coming in somewhere, and people need routine dental work taken care of all the time even if they don’t have an insurance policy that covers it. The problem arises when there are multiple dental offices in one area. Your dental office will still receive clients, yes, but there’s still competition around that you need to start considering.

Search Engine Optimization’s Impact on Dental Businesses

Dental SEO marketing is designed to help boost your online presence and get more and more clients coming into your dental office. In the olden days before the introductions of mobile devices and Internet connections, most dentists stuck to paper and print advertising. While this is an area of your marketing budget and progress plan that shouldn’t be neglected, handing out fliers and putting coupons in the newspaper simply won’t cut it if you want to reach your largest audience possible.

One great part of health marketing is that everyone needs to be healthy. You aren’t selling jeans for teenage girls or cologne for men that require gendered advertising and think tanks surrounding how to sell your brand to a certain demographic. Everyone can benefit from dentistry, so you don’t have to work as hard to get people to come into your business. Dental SEO marketing is exactly the thing you need to consider when it comes to putting your business out there. With search engine optimization that can send your business up the search engine list with simple keywords and site strategies, you can easily access every person in your area with easy steps and redirection.

In a world where Internet browsing is much more important than reading local magazines and receiving postcards in the mail, ignoring your local consumer base’s online network is basically the same thing as saying “I don’t want to see my business grow to its full potential.” If you want to be a smart dentist, then you need to take control of your SEO.

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