You’ve gone to a lot of trouble to get people to your site. Now what?

If you’re a services business that needs to have a conversation with a prospect to see if you’ve got a good fit and then create and close a proposal, we can help you.

Mimiran turns more web visitors into leads, more leads into conversations, and more conversations into (electronically) signed deals.

Austin Business Award 2015-Winner

Instead of presenting visitors with an unfriendly “Contact Us” page, make it easy for them to get something interesting from you (a “Lead Magnet”) in exchange for their email, and perhaps some additional information. But rather than driving visitors away by showing a form, give them a nice, friendly button that pops up a form.

Next, instead of just giving you a lead notification, Mimiran automatically delivers a link to your lead magnet. Speed is critical— you’ll get 50X more conversations if you can respond in 5 minutes versus 24 hours.

Of course, a lot of tools can do this, but Mimiran not only tells you if and when your prospect had read your content, you also know if the prospect read the whole thing, or just glanced at the first section, and you can tell where the prospect is. This helps you qualify (and save time by disqualifying bad prospects). You can reach out via email or phone at the right time to reach prospects as they engage with your content. This save lots of stressful telephone guesswork, and gets your more conversations, where your expertise shines.

When it’s time to close the deal, Mimiran makes that easier, too. You can keep your proposal templates and other proposal content in one place, so there’s no more searching for the right Word document or spreadsheet with the latest pricing information. Mimiran also automatically populates customer, product, and pricing information, so you don’t have to worry about copying and pasting the wrong customer name (this happens far too often with last minute changes to traditional proposals). Of course, you also get notified when prospects read your proposals, and you can see how much they read (did they keep going back to the “pricing” section?), so you can follow up effectively. You can even offer multiple options in the same proposal. And your prospect can sign easily online.

With Mimiran, you get more leads, more conversations, and more deals with less time and effort. Start your free trial today!

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