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3D Supply Guys is a premium supplier of top quality 3D printer kits and 3D printing materials.

Product listing competition for 3D Printers

3D Supply Guys Challenge:

The 3D printer market is an overwhelming niche to work on taking into consideration that an estimated 64,300,00 pages are trying to beat on that keyword.

The Solution:

In this very competitive market, we first targeted low competition, highly searched keywords that the website, www.3DSupplyGuys.com. We ran our Local SEO App on the keyword to be able to get the initial data of the keyword rankings. We were able to identify some low handing fruit while at the same time set the stage for competing on broader industry terms.

Strategies applied:

  • Website review and analysis.
  • Proper implementation of meta data.
  • Local citation - Proper implementation of NAP
  • Press release and business listings
  • Article writing and blogging
  • Social media submission and maintenance

The Results

Within in four months, we started to see serious movement not just on the target keyword list, but also on organic keyword opportunities that arose as a result of the overall SEO efforts. The keyword opportunities included specific industry terms as well as vendor keywords.

129 New Keyword Opportunities

31% Decrease in Bounce Rate

75% Increase in Mobile Traffic

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