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Matt of All Media Productions, LLC has been active since 2009 and specializes in video production for businesses. Video production services include testimonials, animated explainer videos, and book videos.
Poor citation consistency lad lead to low local keyword authority
Benchmark assessment showing weakness in off-page optimization
Google Avg. Keyword Ranking Increase: +48
Bing Avg. Keyword Ranking Increase: +71
Local SEO Rankings Improved With Citation Optimization

The Challenge

The website had already established a moderate localized keyword presence for the company's hometown of Fairfield, CT, but needed a SEM strategy that was comprehensive to various industry key terms to drive lead acquisition. Local SEO Shop was tasked to create a strong localized keyword strategy focusing on Fairfield, CT as well as craft an expanded keyword strategy to industry specific acquisition oriented localized terms.

Starting KPI Benchmarks:

*Percentage based on defined keyword list
  • Google desktop above #100: 30%
  • Google mobile above #30: 40%
  • Bing keywords starting above #100:a 80%
  • Low citation presence


Local SEO Shop maximized the use of Local SEO Dashboard to diagnose which part of the website needs help both in on-page and off-page requirements to develop content strategy, audit meta content/schema tags etc. Furthermore, utilizing the dashboard, we were able to identify data that supported acquisition strategy:

  • Internal linking opportunities + link acquisition strategy
  • Review and strategize local citations for consistencies
  • Review brand mentions and impact of social signals
  • Diagnose Moz score
  • Review readability metrics
  • Analyze off content optimization

37% of #1 rankings also Listed #1 on Google Maps

80% of Localized Keywords #1 in Organic Search

50 New Keyword Opportunities

What's Next

Increase ROI and Traffic
We will continue to work on the website and introduce new but related keywords to be able to reach even more clients. We will be targeting the keywords we have mapped for the website via keyword mapping.

Search Box Optimization
This is another service that we introduced to the client since we are ranking on the first page of Google already, on the first spot, we need to work on something new that a lot of SEOs has missed – the Search Box Optimization. Search box optimization is encouraging more people to visit the website via Google search box rather than the standard and typical SEO Strategy.

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