Garrett Bonistalli

Garrett Bonistalli

A native of the greater Chicago area, Garrett Bonistalli attended the University of Kentucky and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. Originally an economics major, he decided to change his field of study to journalism about halfway through college after deciding that a business degree wasn’t the best fit for his interests.

To help learn more about his new discipline, Garrett interned in the media relations department of the University of Kentucky Athletic Association. The experience provided him with an opportunity to work in a fast-paced environment and be a part of one of the strongest brands in sports. While working this internship, he was also a contributing writer and editor at the University’s newspaper, The Kentucky Kernel.

Completing both of those internships and realizing the importance of diversified experience in a slow economy, he later joined the team at startup incubator Awesome, Inc during his final semester. This was a unique opportunity to immerse himself in the local entrepreneurial community by covering business events such as the Kentucky Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame, pitch competitions, as well as a mobile technology conference. He also wrote profiles on local startups that were partnering with the incubator.

After graduating, Garrett relocated to Louisville, KY to begin working at an education technology company where he is currently a Digital Strategist. Passionate about creating resourceful content that reaches the right demographic, his areas of special interest include content strategy, SEO and promotions. He also enjoys carefully analyzing campaign metrics and measuring the performance of his clients’ websites.

While away from work, Garrett likes to travel, play basketball and cook. He also enjoys reading. If Garrett could meet up with two people to conversate over a beverage, he would likely hang out with Anthony Bourdain and Larry David.

Garrett Bonistalli
Content Strategist
Garrett Bonistalli is a Content Marketing Strategist experienced in developing insightful content.

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